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Effective 1Mar09

Airport transfer rates for domestic & international airfreight

To ensure lockout times are met – please have your cargo ready two hours prior to airline lockout times.

Transfer Area:

For pickups from freight forwarders and truck lines moving to/from airlines within the O’Hare International Airport area.

Loose Freight (per master AWB#)

Minimum charge $9.00 or 2.25 cwt (airline chargeable weight if over 300 lbs) Maximum charge $300.00 per load.

Containerized Cargo:

LD2 (DPE) LD3 (AKE,AKN,AVE,RKN)                                      $50.00   

LD4 (PQP) LD5, LD8 (ALF,DQP,DQF) LD11 (ALP,PLP,PQA)    $75.00

LD7 (88” pallets PAG, PAJ)                                                   $100.00

LD9 (96” pallets PMC,PIP,PMP,AMA,AMJ,PMW,RAP)              $100.00

16 Foot pallets                                                                    $150.00

20 Foot pallets                                                                    $175.00

***Charges include recovering/returning empty containers to/from airline***

Fuel Surcharges (Effective 1Mar09)

1-1999# = $2.00,  2000-4999# = $4.00,  5000# and over = $6.00 
 (Flat Rates per Master AWB#)

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